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<title>Online Shopping Guide</title>
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<h1>Online Shopping Guide</h1>

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<h2>Shopping Process</h2>
<p>Please select your desired product and press the "Add to Cart" button.</p>
<p>Proceed to purchase by pressing the "Proceed to Purchase" button from the cart.</p>
<p>Move on to payment.</p>
<p>Enter the required information on the payment screen.</p>
<p>Press the "Complete Order" button to finish.</p>

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<h2>About Receipt</h2>
<p>After your order, we will confirm stock and contact you.</p>
<p>We generally ship within 3 business days, but please understand that it may take longer.</p>

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<h2>About the Products</h2>
<p>The products listed on this site are not updated in real-time.</p>
<p>Thus, there may be cases where the product you ordered is sold out.</p>
<p>Please understand this in advance.</p>

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<h2>Payment Methods</h2>
<p>Bank Payment & PAYPAL Payment</p>
<p>After ordering, we will contact you with the bank or PAYPAL account details.</p>
<p>Please transfer to the designated bank within 3 days.</p>

<h3>About Credit Card Payment</h3>
<p>We will ship the product within 3 business days after payment.</p>
<li>American Express</li>

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<h2>About Shipping</h2>
<p>Shipping is free for purchases over 22,000 yen.</p>
<p>For purchases under 22,000 yen, a separate shipping fee will be charged.</p>

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<h2>About Returns</h2>
<p>We do not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges due to customer convenience after ordering.</p>
<p>However, we will deal with cases of damage during shipping, defective products, or if a different product than ordered was delivered. In such cases, we will bear the return shipping costs.</p>
<p>We apologize for the inconvenience but please contact us within 7 days of product arrival. Please keep the product in the same packaging condition as it was delivered.</p>
<h3>Cases Where Returns and Exchanges Are Not Accepted</h3>
<li>Products that have been delivered for more than 8 days</li>
<li>Products that have been opened or used by the customer</li>
<li>Cases where the product box, instruction manual, or other accessories are damaged, soiled, or lost</li>
<li>Cases where the return shipping label is directly attached to the product</li>

<div class="section">
<h2>About Receipts</h2>
<p>If you wish to receive a receipt, please indicate "Request for Receipt" in the special notes section when adding to the cart. The recipient's name will generally be the name of the orderer, but please contact us if there is a change.</p>
<p>*Issuance will only be via email (PDF file). Please print it out at your convenience.</p>